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Basketball Camps

Welcome to Next Level 805, where we are dedicated to helping every child elevate their basketball skills and achieve their personal best!

Whether you’re a young player taking your first steps on the court or an elite high school athlete with dreams of playing at the college and professional level, Coach Berry provides a tailored approach to support your growth and development both on and off the court.

Our sessions prioritize individual player development, focusing on identifying your current skill level and implementing progressive strategies to continuously enhance your abilities. Through personalized coaching and targeted training, you’ll experience significant improvement in your game.

At the end of each session, you’ll walk away with a comprehensive plan consisting of practice drills and valuable tips specifically designed to propel you towards your next level of excellence. These resources will serve as your roadmap to success, ensuring you have the tools to continue your progress beyond our sessions.

Upcoming Next Level 805 Events

JUN 11th
(1 day — 9am-2pm)
TourneyNxtLvl 3v3 TourneyPlayers: OpenSpencer Berry
Kristina Santiago
TICKETS & Girls (3rd to 12th grade)
4 Divisions - 3rd/4th grade; 5th/6th grade; 7th/8th grade; High School
JUN 19th – 22th
(4 days — 9am-12pm)
CampSummer Camp Session IPlayers: OpenSpencer BerryTICKETS Camp Boys - & Girls, ages 6 to 14 (1st to 8th grade)
Full Details on Event Site.
JUL 10th – 12th
(3 days — 9am-12pm)
CampSummer Camp Session IIPlayers: OpenSpencer BerryTICKETS Camp Boys - & Girls, ages 6 to 14 (1st to 8th grade)
Full Details on Event Site.
AUG 7th – 10th
(4 days — 1pm-4pm)
CampSummer Camp Session IIIPlayers: OpenSpencer BerryTICKETS Camp Boys - & Girls, ages 6 to 14 (1st to 8th grade)
Full Details on Event Site.

The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.

Clinic Benefits

Coach Berry wants all kids to do better and reach their personal next level of basketball skills. 

From young players with little to no experience, elite high school athletes who are aiming to play on college teams and beyond as professional players, and everyone in between, Coach Berry offers a personalized approach for every player to help them grow on and off the court.

Each session focuses on individual player development: identifying current level and adding progressive layers to players continue to improve their ability. 

Players will leave with a particular plan of practice drills and tips to reach their next level. 

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Become a better person as you become a better player.

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What to Expect

Each session begins with warm-ups, followed by drills and skills development practice based on the level of each player and each group. Total playing time averages a full hour, with water breaks incorporated into each session. 

Next Level 805 Basketball’s teaching format ensures the highest level of player improvement and learning by:

  • Limiting size to 25 players
  • Maintaining optimum Coach/Player ratios
  • Grouping players by age or skill level

No matter where you begin, you’ll reach the next level when you practice, focus, and enjoy the experience.