Next Level 805 Basketball

Bring your Game Skills Work Ethic Confidence to the Next Level

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Get ready for Coach Berry to bring your playing to the next level. 

Next Level 805 is your secret weapon to being the best player you can be.

About Next Level 805 Basketball

Next Level 805 is the #1 recommended basketball training program on the Central Coast, designed to help you both on and off the court.

While keeping a positive, yet competitive, atmosphere, this basketball program teaches you the values of fundamentals while learning new things to get you out of your comfort zone.

This program is for all players and all ages. From a beginner all the way to pro, this program will certainly help you grow in some way.

Private sessions, small-group clinics, large clinics (20-30 people), and camps are happening year ‘round. Be a part of the Next Level family today!

Become a better person as you become a better player.


Training on the Court Leads to Success off the Court

Over the years, several players that Coach Berry has coached have gone on to collegiate teams and/or receiving basketball scholarships that allow them to pursue academic and athletic excellence.

No matter where you begin, you’ll reach the next level when you practice, focus, and enjoy the experience.