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Join our travel team and gain skills & confidence for competition at all levels

5 Cities Flyers is a traveling club team that competes in tournaments and games. Our program is designed to increase the skill level and playing ability of students who play on their school teams, as well as young athletes who want more experience on the court and practicing both fundamentals and team development. 

5 Cities Flyers is geared for student athletes in grades 4-8, as well as players on high school Freshman, Jr. Varsity and Varsity teams. 

Our focus is to teach the fundamentals of basketball in a focused, energetic, and positive environment, and to prepare them to play at any level. Coach Berry and personally selected assistant coaches from the Five Cities community work with players to teach the skills necessary for athletes to reach their full potential.

Practices also focus on game practice and challenging and developing each individual player to perform in a true game situation. We believe that winning is simply the result of dedication and commitment to long-term improvement.

5 Cities Flyers Program Offers:


All You Need To Know

frequently asked questions

5 Cities Flyers is a competitive, traveling club focused on player preparation for success on the court for their school or other team.

Students in 3rd grade and up can play. (If there are not enough players to form a team, younger players will practice and work on their game to prepare them for their next season.)

Yes. Try-outs are held at the start of each season.

The team fee is $100 per month.

To sign up, check the calendar for the next practice. Download, print, and sign waiver form (📄), and bring it to the tryouts.

Spring season: March to May

Summer season: June to August

Fall season: September & October

There are out-of-town games, and players often carpool.

Coach Berry has these expectations of 5 Cities Flyers players:

  • consistent attendance
  • showing up early for practice
  • being ready to play
  • focused
  • respectful
  • team player
  • leader
  • coachable